May 9, 2013

Polished in Emerald Green

There are instances that the party that you might be attending, requires guests to wear conservative clothes, like this occasion that I've been yesterday. I was really bothered for a couple of days about what I was going to wear, It has to be formal but not showy. In fact;sleeveless is out of the topic as the attire in the invitation says. But thankfully, I found this simple white top but is embellished with gold glitters that gives a formal touch and I had the mullet skirt re-made for me in the dress shop because before it was just a plain maxi skirt that kinda looks dull when I pair it with the top. Hurrah for being resourceful but not wasting too much money. Plus it's 2013's lucky color, Emerald Green. ;)

Top (gift)
Maxi skirt turned to mullet
Shoes (Primadonna)
Purse (Accessorize)
Belt (Ross)
Bracelet (PayLess)

I did my make up for the party and  I failed. Haha! Quality ruined. -.-
*Photo grabbed from IG. Follow me: @justjats :)

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