May 21, 2013

Blog Anniversary Post: Fashion 101

Happy 1st birthday to my blog! Yeaaaay! Since Jats Your Fashion Critique turned 1 today, I made the effort to compile some of my favorite outfit posts from and @ootdmagazine from Instagram (Girls! Follow them for more fashion posts! And for the boys,follow @ootdmen. ) for you guys to check 'em out and find your pegs for summer fashion wear. Who knows,maybe you could pull off those looks too! :)

Summer Inspirations:

A flowy mini dress AND a heart cut out at the back? Lovely! I love that print. ♥

For the not-so-girly girl type out there, You could pair your skater skirts with an Aztec midrib corset or a summer-y print to still have the summer vibe with you and add a leather vest or a chain necklace if you want it to be a little edgy. :)

  Pastels, Floral and Studs? She did a great work! After so many eye-catching prints in bold colors, these cotton candy shades are perfect to feel a little breezy with the hot hot weather in the Philippines. For a sweeter look, accessorize with Flower crowns! I love how it complemented her shoes. :)
Where to buy flower crowns? Check 'em online. But I know sells flower crowns. :)

Okaaay, who's dying to have sneaker wedges? ME! It helps in adding height and it's so awesome. Haha, and the fab muscle tee...I've been seeing a lot wearing statement muscle tees, Almost all online shops are selling them especially the Jack Daniels print. :) Camouflage everywhere! (check my previous post: Hey There, Soldier) :)

And for those who planned their summer, flying out of the country cause the Philippines is burning hot...if you plan to go to somewhere cold,Check out that sweater with spikes! Awesommmmeee. It's from, and what hurts the I can't afford it! It's $47 dollars. Huhu, Poor me. Hmm, Moving on. Haha, It best goes with leather jeans! Two thumbs up!

Hope I helped you guys, and please continue to visit and view, This is the 20th post for the whole year, Sometimes, I get an ample number of page views but sometimes I get few but I still want to thank you,readers for putting a smile on my face. :) I'm sorry that I don't have a blog giveaway but this blog was built to share you my personal style so instead of a giveaway, today's post are fashion tips. There you have it! Happy Summer! :)

P.S: Again,Photos are not mine. :)

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May 9, 2013

Polished in Emerald Green

There are instances that the party that you might be attending, requires guests to wear conservative clothes, like this occasion that I've been yesterday. I was really bothered for a couple of days about what I was going to wear, It has to be formal but not showy. In fact;sleeveless is out of the topic as the attire in the invitation says. But thankfully, I found this simple white top but is embellished with gold glitters that gives a formal touch and I had the mullet skirt re-made for me in the dress shop because before it was just a plain maxi skirt that kinda looks dull when I pair it with the top. Hurrah for being resourceful but not wasting too much money. Plus it's 2013's lucky color, Emerald Green. ;)

Top (gift)
Maxi skirt turned to mullet
Shoes (Primadonna)
Purse (Accessorize)
Belt (Ross)
Bracelet (PayLess)

I did my make up for the party and  I failed. Haha! Quality ruined. -.-
*Photo grabbed from IG. Follow me: @justjats :)