March 10, 2013

Wave that Flag

Did you guys know that there's an amusement park near Cabanatuan? I went to Carron Dreampark awhile ago with my family and luckily there were only few people that time so I had a lot of time to take outfit shots and pictures together with my family as well, but that's too many to post cause I was cam whoring. Hahaha. Jk. But, here are some. :)

 It's funny that my title is "Wave that Flag" and I'm not even American. Haha, But the title suits best with my outfit because of the USA print on my sleeveless polo plus I was wearing the flag's colors. Haha. But unfortunately I forgot to take shots of the details of my shorts so I can't show you the back part where the flag print is. :( :)

 Dibuuuuh? Feel na feel ko yung bejeweled velvet purple couch and I actually want to bring it home! Haha! =)))) Look at my sister's epic face in this photo. Nyahaha. :P

All in all, this day was fun. Thanks for viewing. :)

(Sleeveles polo- Ralph Lauren, Shorts w/ American flag pockets- Cluster shop, Studded loafers- Metro)

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