March 31, 2013

Travel Diary: Bataan 2013

I really don't know how to start because this is my first time to do a travel post and I only have a few pictures. Haha. Actually, I was really planning to do an outfit post but unfortunately, I always have outfit shot issues, and that sucks for my part. :( Nevertheless, I  decided to still make a blog post to tell you how awesome and fun it is in Bataan. :)

My family and family friends stayed in Sunset Shores Villas for 3 days and we ought to make the best of it. At first,I was unsatisfied cause they don't have WiFi and I'll be dealing with that for days but later that day I found myself  having fun in the pool, and at the beach as well...even if I wasn't using Twitter,IG or blog hopping and such. Then at the end of the day, we realized we have tan skin colors but it's awesome that we have the we-don't-care-cause-we-had-fun attitude.  :)

Can you spot me in the pool? Haha. *Photo grabbed from Mommy. :)

The two photos above were during the sunrise, We woke up at 5:30 am just to watch it and strolled at the sandy beach. We also watched the sunset in the afternoon and it was beautiful. :">
We found some starfish, sea cucumber,  little jellyfishes but I only took a picture of the starfish because I find it cute and the other sea creatures creepy. Haha. :P

Henna tattoo on my leg. *IG Post...Follow me: @justjats :) 

We went to see the turtles and rode the boat to go to the other island. I didn't take pictures there cause I was scared that I might drop my camera in the water. :D
(Nagdala pa ako ng camera, useless rin pala pag ako may hawak. Lol.) 

We also went to Mt. Samat to see the memorial Shrine of Valour (Dambana ng Kagitingan) even though it was too hot. I was delighted when we saw the beautiful overlooking of Bataan. (Walang picture,kasi fail yung shots ko dun. :P)

In the evening we had a mini "pajama party" Thanks to our friends/bartenders, Ate Janine and her friend, for making us drinks all night. Those bottles are just some of the drinks. The photo on the upper right is not a candle, It's an alcoholic drink on fire/ flaming shot or whatever you call it. Haha. Then that's me after one cup of ladies drink. Pula ko na agad (Low quality), Haha. Look at the meme on my shirt, Nakakaloko lang. :P

On the last day of our trip we went to Subic Bay Freeport Zone, to eat lunch at Gerry's Grill before we go home. After eating we saw banana boats, jet skis and people trying the new Hydro-Jet surfing. We decided to try water sports and tried the Banana boat even though we don't have extra clothes anymore to use after that. Some were wearing pants, but still Go parin! :)

(Before the ride) *Photo grabbed from Ate Kate. :)

We were all shouting and laughing during the ride then it turned out that we all fell in the water because the boat turned upside down because the jet ski pulling the banana boat was too fast, At first others were scared, I was too because I thought I'm going to drown but I realized I was floating, then I remembered I was wearing a life vest. Haha. We all had an awesome experience, It was my first time in the kinda deep part of the sea. =))

As I've said earlier, I don't have much pictures to post but If someone tags me my photos,I'll try to post it here and update this blog post or maybe in my Facebook/IG account. Thank you for reading. So here's a blog post ender picture. Happy Easter Sunday,guys! Enjoy your summer. :)

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