March 20, 2013

Laced Up and Trying to Stay Classy

Sorry for the inconsistency of the place where I had my outfit shot taken, Haha. Anyway, This was before our Seniors Night. I was really aiming to have this Bitchy-fierce-party girl-look for the said event, a big thanks to my cousin slash bestie Aryanna for doing my make up, Mara's gorgeous sister,Ate Princess,for my curls and the prettiest among the monkey friends,Mara,for my nails!:) Just like I wanted. Yayyy. :):*

About the outfit, To dress sexy while still maintaining your classiness require lots of confidence and attention to detail. I chose the colors,black red and gold because it's really a girls "must-have" colors in their closet,it's the one that you could use at all times when you're trying to experiment on colors but still playing safe. You shouldn't limit yourself to light shades only. Rich hues of flattering colors can make a bold statement and can really bring out your natural beauty and I wore Black cause it gives off a sexy yet mysterious vibe, plus it's lace which helps a lot in keeping the classy look. (Okay,how many times have I said the word "sexy" Sorry naaa, Feeler lang. Hahaha. Pagbigyan na. :P)

Don't mind the shadow. Haha! :P

 Might as well use makeup and jewelry to enhance and complement your clothing choices.:)

Here are my monkey friends that I love to death. :* :) I don't have pictures in the event place because my camera's battery unfortunately died. Yea, I know how great! -__- But here are some pix before the event...

 L-R (Divina,Aryanna,Patricia,Dana,Mara,Me and Jill) Incomplete...


Fitted shorts (Blush)
 Snake print envelope clutch (Mags)
Two toned pumps (Primadonna)

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