February 21, 2013

RL Girl

I am disappointed because I don't have a decent picture during prom night last year and unfortunately, this year again so I don't have any pictures to post here in my blog. :( On the brighter side, I was able to take outfit shots of this street wear attire the day after prom. I was in love with my curls during prom night and yes, I curled it again the next day. Haha. =))

I like wearing shorts the most, because It kinda gives the illusion that my legs are long when the truth is it is not. (Yeaaah,tanggap ko nang maliit ako! :( Drama lang? Haha.) Anyway, I was about to go watch a movie that time so I think It was appropriate to wear 3/4 sleeves with my shorts,cause if not I'll be freezing inside the movie house. Haha. I find animal print cute so I used my leopard print flats and  bag. Plus it blends absolutely right with the color of my outfit, Pink and gray! Matchy matchy! ;)

(Top and Shorts  Ralph Lauren, Leopard Print doll shoes Jessica Simpson, Headpiece WTC,Super Sale Bazaar)


  1. Perfect outfit to hang out with friends, these leopard print doll shoes must be very comfortable.

    1. Hi Alyssa, Yes they are. Thanks for viewing. :)