February 21, 2013

RL Girl

I am disappointed because I don't have a decent picture during prom night last year and unfortunately, this year again so I don't have any pictures to post here in my blog. :( On the brighter side, I was able to take outfit shots of this street wear attire the day after prom. I was in love with my curls during prom night and yes, I curled it again the next day. Haha. =))

I like wearing shorts the most, because It kinda gives the illusion that my legs are long when the truth is it is not. (Yeaaah,tanggap ko nang maliit ako! :( Drama lang? Haha.) Anyway, I was about to go watch a movie that time so I think It was appropriate to wear 3/4 sleeves with my shorts,cause if not I'll be freezing inside the movie house. Haha. I find animal print cute so I used my leopard print flats and  bag. Plus it blends absolutely right with the color of my outfit, Pink and gray! Matchy matchy! ;)

(Top and Shorts  Ralph Lauren, Leopard Print doll shoes Jessica Simpson, Headpiece WTC,Super Sale Bazaar)

February 9, 2013

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Haaaaaappy Chinese New Year! Start of something new. =)) *Sorry for the low quality pix. And I don't have a decent selfie. So no outfit post for tonight. :(

This is @ The Chinese temple awhile ago. =)

February 4, 2013

Comeback Post: Black and Yellow

Hello,fashionistas! A big smile on my face right now, cause I'm totally back! *blogger mode: ON* :)

Do you remember Wiz Khalifa with my title? Haha! Credits to: Jiga and Angela for that. Hmm, so this is going to be my first post for 2013. Last year, I had blogging issues, I thought of stopping and to just continue this whenever, or when I'm already in college, then I realized fashion blogging is a really nice way to share your style. Throughout the months that I haven't been posting,I really missed the times when I look at my blog site and say "Wow, Is this really me? Is this how I dress now?" Haha. I'm weird at times. :P Hmm, Let me tell you something, Before, I really have a bad taste when it comes to fashion. There was I time that "emo" was mainstream and I wore black from head to toe and I wore a black hoodie (NO,I'm not "A", PLL fans. Haha! Kidding.) Uhm,and there was a time I wore all violet in an ugly way. Then since that day,they called me "Ms. Violet" I knoooow,But that was before. Hahaha :P Moving on....This is what I wore yesterday. :)

Even though It's already February and you think I'm supposed to be wearing something sweet or dainty, and yet I chose this edgy outfit because I'm single and bitter. HAHA! KIDDING. Hmm, I just want to change the usual. :)


Leather Shorts: Forever 21 , Studded Gladiator sandals: Nine West, Gold Satchel: Missy Bags 
      Ofcourse, Studs wouldn't be out of the picture! :)

Presenting... *drumroll* My photographer. My sister, Kimberly. Haha. Thank you for taking my outfit shots. Pumo-pose na rin oh. That was last Christmas. :P :)


Thank you for viewing! :))