November 18, 2012


Halerwww! (British accent mode :P) Aww. I missed blogging, My last post was last September cause I was busy doing "stuff". But luckily, I found time to take outfit shots awhile back when we were at Fort Magsaysay with my family,I really really wanted to post something tonight so here it is. Happy Sunday! =))

I tried to tame down the Neon yellow sheer top by wearing  blue pastel jeans. Did it work? Lol :)

 Haggard! :O My shirt actually says "LOVE" in animal print :)

                    Okay, I know you guys saw my ring at my post before this. I had to wear it, It's neon! Hahaha

Yay! All done. Now Im about to click Publish. So, Bbye! Hope you liked it.  :)