June 11, 2012


I never knew that dancing would mean a lot to me. ♥
That made the 2 months of my summer vacation very fun, I started to join this summer workshop event at NE Pacific mall since I was an incoming Freshie in HS. It was my first time to dance in public, as in really dance. Though I have no pictures to show,the memory is still kept and will be treasured. They call me "Ms. Energy" because I was the one lame in dancing at my level... It was funny though, I really have no talent at dancing. During the ff summer, I didn't join the workshop due to personal reasons...but there was something inside me that says I should, so during my summer 2011 I joined the HipHop class again. I found new friends, and exciting memories were kept with me. :">
Again,This HIPHOP 2012 I joined and danced to the rhythm. I found an inspiration to what I'm doing the most. :)

This is a picture of us, The Hiphop gang of Level 4- Girls. Too bad I didnt get a picture with the Level 4 boys.

And this is the awarding part. I received my certificate from Joshua Zamora and the GTG dancers. :)

I will never forget the people who made my summer 2012 exciting and fun. This will be missed. A LOT. :""">

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