June 26, 2012


I don't seem to understand why people are so judgemental, in a way that they look at you and say negative things behind your back,or worse in front of you. So what's best is to smile and continue to do what you're doing. 
Since I started to get into the world  of fashion blogging, I bare in mind that everybody has their own feedback to what you wear,or how you look...I must accept the critics and compliments that I hear from the people around me. So here I am, continuing what I love the most, Dressing up! :)

Outfit: Forever 21 polkadot dress, Primadonna pumps, Accessorize bag, Pinkbox ribbon clip.

I am with my little sister,Kimberly. Goofing around the camera. :)

June 11, 2012


I never knew that dancing would mean a lot to me. ♥
That made the 2 months of my summer vacation very fun, I started to join this summer workshop event at NE Pacific mall since I was an incoming Freshie in HS. It was my first time to dance in public, as in really dance. Though I have no pictures to show,the memory is still kept and will be treasured. They call me "Ms. Energy" because I was the one lame in dancing at my level... It was funny though, I really have no talent at dancing. During the ff summer, I didn't join the workshop due to personal reasons...but there was something inside me that says I should, so during my summer 2011 I joined the HipHop class again. I found new friends, and exciting memories were kept with me. :">
Again,This HIPHOP 2012 I joined and danced to the rhythm. I found an inspiration to what I'm doing the most. :)

This is a picture of us, The Hiphop gang of Level 4- Girls. Too bad I didnt get a picture with the Level 4 boys.

And this is the awarding part. I received my certificate from Joshua Zamora and the GTG dancers. :)

I will never forget the people who made my summer 2012 exciting and fun. This will be missed. A LOT. :""">

Party by the bay

Attended a windy afternoon wedding  at Subic Bay Yacht Club, I must say it is indeed a romantic one. I wore a bloody red outfit with cutouts at the back for an occasion like that. =) 
Bought this Arc and Co. dress at the Super Sale Bazaar from Laureen Uy's closet. I am really happy to have one of the best fashion blogger's clothes. Now I feel like I am really one. :) (Sorry,Feeler lang. HAHA)
 Back view. :)